Caitriona opens her anniversary gifts!

Thank you, Terry Dresbach, for being our eyes!
So grateful to have this collection of photos of our beloved Caitriona opening her gifts!!
(If the images don’t appear right away, click on the title of the post to access the picture gallery!)

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21 thoughts on “Caitriona opens her anniversary gifts!

  1. You girls did an amazing job with this…thank you for all the hard work y’all put into it….. While all of us Caitriots get to reap the rewards of seeing the pleasure on her face…. This was just amazing… Big thanks to Terry for delivering this amazing gift,… And for all the wonderful pics…. Oh the look on Cait’s face is priceless…. Don’t we all wish we could have been there… Great idea…. And great job to y’all… Xoxo

  2. Very happy to see the pics !! We can’t thank Caitriona enough for bringing our beloved Claire to life !! May she wears it with health, always !!

  3. Ladies, saying “thank you” just doesn’t seem like enough. I am just so very honored to be part of such a beautiful, thoughtful, and giving group of beautiful women! Cait looks downright stunned

  4. Perfection! The Perfect gift for Caitriona, our perfect Claire!. She looks so thrilled and touched, love the quivering chin in the one photo. You can almost hear her saying “Awwwwwww, you guys!”. There aren’t enough words to express our Thanks to April Steele, Susan Targove and all the rest who made this wonderful gift happen! I am honored to have been merely a tiny part of it. Kudos to you all ladies! Wonderful things happen when we all band together! 🙂

  5. So much good in this amazing Caitrionation Group! Thanks and Huge hugs to all involved in making this Anniversary surprise happen! The expressions on her face say it all! Cait is glowing and looks so amazing in her namesake Tartan and gorgeous brooch! Thanks to Terry for taking the time to document this event …all of us touched by the world of Outlander are truly blessed❤️

  6. Thank you to everyone who made this project happen! Our admin Gayla for giving me the idea of a shawl, Susan Targove for not just offering her advice but her expertise and talent in designing and weaving the tartan (we were originally going to contact a mill in Scotland–this was SO MUCH more personal!), Audrey Landry for her tireless work in helping in all things graphic and web-based, Terry Dresbach ( ) and all of you who flooded us with contributions to cover the financial aspects of the gifts and the donation to World Child Cancer. And thank you all for keeping it tight-lipped! With so many of you across all the many facets of social media, I am amazed how good you all are at keeping a confidence! You can keep a secret! Now back to your regularly scheduled fanlandering!! #CaitWasWorthTheWait

  7. The expression on Cait’s face is priceless. You can tell how touched she is by the thoughtful gift. I think you ladies are wonderful and I am so glad to have been welcomed into the group. As a new member, I’ve had the most wonderful experiences. This one definitely sits at the top.

    Long live the Caitriots! And may Cait’s career be long and successful.

  8. The pics that Terry was kind enough to take for us have left me almost speechless. I’m really happy and humbled to be a part of this group and I’m quietly very happy that Cait is worthy of all the hard work, love and dedication that went into this most thoughtful gift-the stole and the donation. Blessings to all. And long live Caitrionation!

  9. What an amazing job you all did with this.; I am overwhelmed with emotion as I look at these pictures. Thank you so much for taking them Terry . . . it was almost like being there! This could not have been more perfect. Thanks to everyone who made it happen. Most of all thanks to our beauytioful Cait for bring our beloved Claire to life like no one else could have.

  10. You all did such a wonderful job putting this gift together. The saying, “Its the thought that counts” is clearly evident in these amazing gifts. All the ladies involved really thought through and created gifts that were very special, unique and creative! When the food and drink are gone and the party is over, these gifts will be cherished by Cait for years to come. Well done Susan Targove, April Steele, Janet Cadaswan, Catherine (@lunaticaardvark), Audrey Landry and everyone else involved!

    • Aw thanks! I do think she got some amazing gifts from the fans…I think the whiskey from the Outlandish UK group was a really amazing gift too and the Outlander bakers took good care of her. I love seeing her spoiled on her special day–it’s nice to see her showered in Outlander love! 🙂

  11. How Wonderful! and Cait looks absolutely stunning in this beautiful gift! Amazing job and kudos all around. So happy and lucky to be a very tiny part of this lovely group. Hugs all around!! <3

  12. So excited to be part of this great gift for Catriona and one of her favorite charities. You gals did a great job putting it together!!

  13. this was amazing. Such talent for making the cloth, the shaw and even registering it in her name! Great job! She will never forget her time as Claire and the wonderful world of Outlander.

  14. I’ve enjoyed this journey with Cait’s tartan from its inception. The photos of Cait show her reaction in real expressions. I loved it. I plan to purchase my own Cait tartan scarf. It is stunning. We, the Catriots, should feel pride at our accomplishment.

  15. So absolutely perfect! Naturally from standing on the outside of the glass looking in – it seemed seamless and perfection. So grateful to Terry for being a party to it as well.

    Incredibly thrilled to be a small dot in the thread of this group.

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