Droughtlander Relief! Photos from the SDCC Premiere…

I’ve thought for a long while about what to write here, but there are simply no words that can do justice to this experience, or to my unending gratitude to April. She is, as most of you know, a force of nature, and an incredibly generous one at that. Never in all my days would I have imagined that I’d be at a premiere… Read More →

Support World Cancer Day: Donate & Raise Awareness for World Child Cancer

Join us as we celebrate World Cancer Day and help us raise awareness about childhood cancer in developing countries. Today, millions of people around the world will engage in World Cancer Day, individually or collectively, with activities to help raise awareness of the disease that affects us all in some way. Please help our charity partner, World Child Cancer to raise awareness of the global Read More →

Caitriot Challenge Update

To date, the Cairtiot Challenge effort has raised just over $2,000 for our charity partner, World Child Cancer. Over $1,000 of that total has some through direct donations to the Caitriot Challenge Just Giving page with the rest coming from teeshirt sales through a Teespring campaign. Though the initial Teespring campaign closed early to ensure that event participants have their shirts Read More →

Join the Caitriot Challenge

THE CAITRIOT CHALLENGE March 21-22 2015 – EVERYWHERE (The weekend following St. Patrick’s Day) What is the Caitriot Challenge? The ultimate goal of the challenge is to raise funds and awareness for World Child Cancer. But it is also a way to encourage and strengthen the incredible friendships that are an elemental part of the Outlander community, while using our Read More →

Happy Birthday Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser

Though it is sometimes hard to think of Claire Fraser as a fictional character, we all know that she is. All the same, it seems wrong to ignore her birthday.  As I allowed my thoughts to marinate as I contemplated a birthday entry, some cohesive thoughts began to emerge Today, Claire would celebrate her 96th birthday.  It’s unknown to us, Read More →

General Registration for Outlandish Gathering 2015 Now Open

General Registration is now open for the 2nd Annual Outlandish Gathering which is scheduled for August 4-7 in Quebec City.  This event is open to Outlander fans around the globe, and is being organized by the same people that hosted the Outlandish Boston event this past May. More than 130 people registered during our early registration process and we expect Read More →

Outlander – Episode 1X07 ‘The Wedding’ Recap

I started writing about this episode at least three times. Possibly four. This is the hardest recap I’ve ever had to write. Pun ABSOLUTELY intended. Sexual innuendos aside (but not really, cause I’m gonna drop a few more of them…), I have SO MANY good things to say about this episode. If you haven’t read the books 1.) Have you Read More →


Caitriots – we’ll be working with the rest of the Outander Fan Community to get #OutlanderWedding trending this Saturday, September 20th, 2014.  Join us by using the hashtag #OutlanderWedding on Twitter.  We’ve all been waiting for this for a long time, let’s celebrate!  Don’t forget to check in to Outlander on TV Tag http://tvtag.com/tv_shows/outlander