Cait’s Bday – October 4th


Cait’s Birthday is October 4th and though we’ve commissioned a cake from Emma’s Cakes ‘n’ Stuff in Cumbernauld – we’d like to ask you to‪#‎Donate4Cait‬ to two causes close to her heart.

We are raffling off these 4 1st edition/1st print books (signed by Diana Gabaldon) to celebrate Cait’s birthday on October 4th. (they were donated from a member’s personal collection)

Donate $20 or more to be eligible

Donate $20 or more to be eligible

To be entered in the raffle, donate $20 or more to either our ShelterBox or‪#‎GoGold‬ Campaign for World Child Cancer using the following links: (for USA/UK/Canada/Mexico) (ShelterBox for all other countries*)

You must post the amount donated and your name (anonymous entries are not eligible) and we must be able to find you on FB or Twitter to contact you for shipping info.

Raffle will be drawn at 11:59PM GMT on October 4th. Caitrionation will pay international shipping costs to the raffle winner.

Thanks for your support!  We will post pictures of Caitriona’s cake on the 4th.  The winner of the book raffle will be announced on October 5th  – and we will announce plans for celebrating the October 20th birthday of Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser!  Stay tuned!

*Gayla Feachen is one of Caitrionation’s admins

7 thoughts on “Cait’s Bday – October 4th

  1. I registered and donated but now it has me set up with my own page underneath lthe Caitriots page. Is this correct or did I flub it? Thanks! This group does an amazing job of supporting Cait’s charities. I’m proud to be part of the group.

  2. I just gave $35, but I clicked the Give button to the right of the progress bar. I did not see the grey donate button until I realized there would not be a screen to denote my donation in honor of her birthday. I just want to be sure that others realized the difference.

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