Give Away in Honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Day

by Laura Elrod

Hello Caitriots! In honor of World Child Cancer Day we are hosting a fundraising event and an opportunity to win a Drums of Autumn First Edition, First Print as a thank you for your donation to our charity partner. We will be collecting names from the donation site, so we encourage you to leave your full name so we can add you to the drawing. This is a fan-powered fundraiser and although we are encouraging all Caitriots to donate to this wonderful charity, no purchase is required to be entered into the drawing. You can also enter by simply commenting below so we can record your name. Every donation, no matter how small, is appreciated, so let’s help Caitriona raise money for this great cause. (Fundraiser will run through February 28th and will be retroactive for those who donated anytime during the month of February. One winner will be drawn at random on or around the end date.)

For those of you on twitter–please be sure to follow @WChildCancer on twitter and help spread awareness through tweets.

Donate here:

13 thoughts on “Give Away in Honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Day

  1. This is a great idea for a fundraiser, I hope it will raise lots of money for such a good cause! Today happens to be my birthday, hopefully that will bring me a little luck. πŸ˜‰ Thanks!

  2. Happy to support your efforts for World Child Cancer. Thanks Cait for being the lovely, genuine and gracious lady you are. <3

  3. Every one with cancer is someone’s child….no matter the age. But it certainly tugs at the heart to think of sweet little children being sick with cancer. My honor and privilege to donate.

    • Thank you very much Diane! It’s a very scary thing to face as a parent–especially for those in countries where treatment is scarce. So many kids with cancer can be helped–and World Child Cancer makes sure they have access to the care we take for granted here in the west. Your donate will go further than you can imagine to help a child who needs care.

    • We are including all those who contributed during the month of February, even if it was before we started the contest. πŸ™‚ Thanks for supporting World Child Cancer–the Caitriots and other fans are doing a fantastic job helping this great organization.

  4. I’d love to donate, but Life’s been happening pretty extensively lately and we’ve simply not got the extra money to contribute. πŸ™ I do hope the campaign goes well and lots of children can be helped!

    • Thanks for your kind wish! We’ll still enter you in the drawing for commenting…and if you can help raise awareness on FB or twitter, that is always a help to the cause. πŸ™‚

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