Happy Birthday Caitriona!

With a show of birthday love and generosity of spirit, the Caitriots worked together to raise $18K in contributions for causes close to Caitriona Balfe’s heart.  Through our #Donate4Cait campaign, Caitriots made contributions to World Child Cancer and ShelterBox.  Together we raised enough money to fully fund 13 ShelterBoxes which provides emergency supplies and durable, winterized tent shelters to Syrian Refugees in crisis in Europe, and $4,500 for World Child Cancer’s #GoGold Campaign for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month which will go to fund their programs in Mexico.

Congratulations to Jenny Christiensen of Virginia who won our drawing for signed first edition/first print copies of Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager and The Fiery Cross, all autographed by Diana Gabaldon.  The books were donated from the personal collection of an anonymous Caitriot who wished to see them used to spur on donations.

Go Gold Caitriots's Team Page for ShelterBox Syria Appeal - Google Chrome 1042015 91055 PM

The donation pages will remain active should anyone else wish to contribute, though the prizes have been awarded.  (Who knows, maybe someone will donate a prize for Claire’s birthday on October 20th!)   World Child Cancer
or ShelterBox  (if outside the US/UK/Canada & Mexico use JustGiving Link Here).  Thanks for all who supported the campaign!


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