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The Outlander fandom wields a lot of power on social media—not limited to winning recognition for the show and its cast at the People’s Choice Awards, Radio Times, and EOnline. But what has been most impactful is the way they harness that fanpower to support important causes. Whether we’re ensuring that children in developing nations have access to lifesaving treatments, raising money for cancer research, providing safe drinking water to the world’s poorest people, or supporting meals for the poor in our own communities, Outlander fans have proven to be a very altruistic group. We’ve raised money through shirt sales, raffles, walks and other physical challenges, auctions, special events and direct donations.

Though many of the fan groups associated with specific cast members have adopted non-profits to support on an ongoing basis as part of their social mission—there are catastrophes that require urgent response and warrant extending our circle of support.

The Syrian refugee crisis is a humanitarian crisis of historic proportions. Families are risking their lives as they flee their homes in search of safety. While European nations are overwhelmed by the masses of people flooding their borders, human rights and basic needs are being disregarded due to bureaucracy that is ill-equipped to handle the rising number of people seeking refuge. While heads of state grapple with the best way to help refugees in the long run—the people need our support with basic human needs including food, shelter, safe drinking water, sanitation, and medication. That’s where ShelterBox comes in. ShelterBox is a small grassroots organization founded in 2000 that provides emergency food, shelter, clean water, hygiene kits and other lifesaving aid to refugees in crisis.

Basic Food & Shelter are essential to see these families through to a long term solution.

Basic Food & Shelter are essential to see these families through to a long term solution.

As Caitrionation celebrates the second anniversary and Caitriona Balfe’s casting as Claire Randall Fraser, we can think of no greater way to show our appreciation for her hard work and dedication than by honoring her wishes and asking Outlander fans to use their numbers to support the plight of Syrian refugees.

As the severity of this crisis reaches an all-time high, helping now is more important than ever. Each ShelterBox supplies an exended family with a tent and life-saving equipment to use while they are displaced or homeless. Though this may sound like a temporary solution, these basic needs are essential to make sure these families survive until longer term solutions can be arranged.

Since 2000, ShelterBox has become the leader in delivering emergency-based shelter and equipment. ShelterBox works with other relief organizations to enhance the efficiency of delivering supplies that help survivors. In many cases, ShelterBoxes have made the difference between life and death.

Each ShelterBox Contains:
  • Durable, Custom-Designed Tent for an Extended Family
  • Water Purification System (Family Life Straw) or Tablets
  • Stove with Cooking Utensils, Pots, Plates and Cups
  • Blankets
  • Waterproof Groundsheets
  • Ponchos
  • Toolkit
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Children’s Activity Kit

While we realize that not everyone is in the financial position to donate to this cause, we know you are all capable of spreading the word to shine more light on this important issue, and to encourage others who can to support the efforts with a gift. There may also be opportunities to volunteer at your community level as ShelterBox has programs with Rotary International and Boy Scouts as well as other youth programs.

Cait would appreciate that we use our time and efforts to address important social issues.

Cait would appreciate that we use our time and efforts to address important social issues.

In lieu of organizing a gift to Caitriona Balfe, we ask you to celebrate her second year as our Claire by honoring her wishes that we support the refugees in crisis. We’ve set up Team Caitriots and it is our goal to recruit 200 people for our team and raise $5K. Please donate now HERE.  IMPORTANT UPDATE:  ShelterBox limits donations on our team page to donors from the USA/UK/Canada & Mexico.  To facilitate donations to ShelterBox from other international fans we’ve set up a page at under the heading ofCaitriots International.  (Gayla Feachen is one of our admins–but all donations go directly to the designated charity.)

  • ShelterBox has been responding to the Syrian crisis since 2012—assisted 5,000 families in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraqi Kurdistan and inside Syria—with more than $1 million in aid.
  • 12 million people are displaced by the conflict; many are displaced within Syria’s borders.
  • 3 million children remain displaced inside Syria.
  • More than 4 million people have fled to neighboring countries. Three quarters of them are women and children.

5 thoughts on “Join Our Shelterbox Team

  1. There are presumably well-meaning people involved in this effort. However, this is no longer a refugee crisis, this is an invasion. Latest statistics show that >75% of these ‘refugees’ are men between 20 and 40. These men look remarkably well-fed, well-clothed, and well-equipped, such as carrying cell phones. These are not refugees seeking safety; safety is available in Turkey and other points closer to Syria. These are foreigners seeking the welfare benefits that belong to citizens of western nations.

    Also, there’s no shortage of raw video available showing near-riots at detention camps, complete with the familiar call of Allahu akbar; there’s no shortage of intelligence reports of Islamic terrorists melting into this refugee wave and walking across our borders.

    Much was made of the famed Outlander scene in which the female lead was beaten by her Scottish husband. However presumably well-meaning, those who lend their names and money to this effort are inviting forces into Europe and the USA who believe in treating women in such a manner that makes that Outlander scene appear tame.

    Please post ….. there must be debate on this issue, not blind following, even for a well-liked actress.

  2. After the events of Friday, November 13 in Paris, and after seeing reports that a perpetrator was carrying papers indicating his status as a Syrian refugee, let me suggest that it’s time for Ms. Balfe and her supporters to publicly disown this effort.

  3. After a winter of news stories about a Muslim immigrant crime wave in Europe, focused particularly on the abuse of women, there comes news today of coordinated terror attacks in Belgium. Again, it’s time for Ms. Balfe and her followers to repudiate this Muslim resettlement effort, however supposedly well-intended.

  4. And now comes Orlando. The price of Muslim immigration to the West is proving to be as horrific as predicted. And so, let me again call for Ms. Balfe and her supporters to retract their past cheerleading for Muslim immigration, and indeed apologize for damage already inflicted on their own countrymen.

  5. And now comes Nice, France. Again, to Ms. Balfe and her supporters: Western civilization is waiting for you and people of your ilk to publicly recant your past support for mass Muslim immigration, however supposedly well intended.

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