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Support Syrian Refugees with Lifesaving Needs The Outlander fandom wields a lot of power on social media—not limited to winning recognition for the show and its cast at the People’s Choice Awards, Radio Times, and EOnline. But what has been most impactful is the way they harness that fanpower to support important causes. Whether we’re ensuring that children in developing nations have Read More →

Outlanders to March in NYC’s 17th Annual Tartan Day Parade

Outlanders United March in 17th Annual NYC Tartan Day Parade Two-hundred fans of Outlander, an epic time-travel adventure set in 18th century Scotland, are marching as Outlanders United in New York’s Tartan Day Parade.  While the eight-book series by Diana Gabaldon has sold more than 25 million copies since the first was published in 1991, it’s Starz television adaptation that Read More →

General Registration for Outlandish Gathering 2015 Now Open

General Registration is now open for the 2nd Annual Outlandish Gathering which is scheduled for August 4-7 in Quebec City.  This event is open to Outlander fans around the globe, and is being organized by the same people that hosted the Outlandish Boston event this past May. More than 130 people registered during our early registration process and we expect Read More →

Outlander Episode 1X08 ‘Both Sides Now’ Recap – Claire and the Really, Really Bad Day

While last week’s episode of Outlander was a magical, blissful journey down Jamie and Claire road, this week took us deep into a dark, scary cave…and left us there for the next six months. When we last saw Claire she had been ripped from the throes of her newfound marital bliss by a reminder of the pesky fact that she kind of has another Read More →

Celebrate Caitriona’s Birthday with a Charity Donation

So…I know you’re all dying to know what we are going to do for Caitriona’s birthday! Many of you have asked if we will do something similar to the Dram4Sam campaign we cooked up with the Heughligans for Sam Heughan’s birthday. The answer to that question is a resounding, “Yes!” We are encouraging Outlander fans to donate the cost of Read More →

Outlander – Episode 1X07 ‘The Wedding’ Recap

I started writing about this episode at least three times. Possibly four. This is the hardest recap I’ve ever had to write. Pun ABSOLUTELY intended. Sexual innuendos aside (but not really, cause I’m gonna drop a few more of them…), I have SO MANY good things to say about this episode. If you haven’t read the books 1.) Have you Read More →

@Boston April’s Top Ten Ayes and Naws: Episode 107 – The Wedding

As always, there are things I love in each episode, and things that disappoint. Although I am 23 year veteran of the books, as a woman who is trained as a broadcast news writer, I understand the necessity of writing for a visual medium, and paring things down. But, perhaps because of my training as a journalist, I still have Read More →

Ginger Clark Joins Web Team

Caitrionation is pleased to announce that Ginger Clark will be joining our web team here at as a contributing writer. Ginger will be writing an exclusive weekly episode re-cap as new episodes air. Many of you may know Ginger from Twitter where she tweets as @GingerMostly, or through her former association with the multi-fandom blogsite, Professional Fangirls. We hope you will Read More →

Official Caitriots Tee Shirt

Did you now we have an awesome Caitriots tee shirt? It’s available in short sleeves, long sleeves, hoodies and tank tops. All proceeds go DIRECTLY to support our charity partner, World Child Cancer ( in providing programs to care for pediatric cancer patients in developing countries who would otherwise not have access to treatment. The campaigns are up for a limited Read More →

Cumbernauld Teen Bakes Cake for Caitriona

Cumbernauld, UK, Sept. 18, 2014 —While most teenagers find employment babysitting or working in shops, Cumbernauld’s Emma Bailey is enjoying the sweet taste of success running a home-based cake business. For a year now, the fourteen year old has been baking in her mom Carol’s kitchen, taking orders for family and friends.  But after setting up a Facebook page to Read More →